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Registered Charity Number: 1033724

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Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group

We Support Victims And Their Families

Registered Charity Number: 1033724

International Workers Memorial Day(IWMD), Friday 28th April 2017.

Merseyside Event for International Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2017

International Workers Memorial Day Leaflet 2017 page 1 International Workers Memorial Day Leaflet 2017 page 2

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Living well with Mesothelioma, Patients and Carers Support Group

Mesothelioma UK Meeting Leaflet

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Date for your Diary: Action Mesothelioma Day 07/07/2017

More details to follow.

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What do Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group do?

We offer a completely free and confidential services to victims of asbestos
related diseases and their families on Merseyside and further afield, which include:

  • DWP and other state benefits associated with Asbestos related diseases.
  • Practical assistance in the completion of all appropriate paperwork.
  • Representation at all DWP tribunals.
  • A drop in centre for sufferers and their families so they can talk to someone who truly understands.
  • We provide a home visiting service to anyone who can not travel to our office.
  • Family support at inquests.
  • Access to a data base to help with location of witnesses for victims. (completely confidential).
  • We comply with the Solicitors' Introduction and Referral Code (see link - Solicitor Referral Code).
  • The services of the Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group (MAVSG) are provided to the victims of Asbestos related diseases and/or their families at no cost.
  • We provide links to organisations who may be able to help you on any questions. For further details, please contact other groups in the UK.

  • For Patient Diagnosis Form, which shows what is the exact diagnosis, by ticking boxes: please click on the following link Patient Diagnosis Form

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