News from 2009 & 2008

Fundraiser at Eldonians Village Hall, Liverpool, (23rd October 2009)

Footballing Legends Ian St. John And Ian Snodin

Over 100 people attended the successful fundraising event and had a wonderful night which included a question and answer session with the footballing legends. Raffle prizes included a tour of Liverpool Football Club and tickets for Tranmere Rovers Game on the 31st October. Mesothelioma victim Francis Innelli helped with the raffle draw.

Left to Right, Ian Snodin, Francis Innelli, Ian St John and David Innelli (Son of Francis)

Government Delays Pleural Plaques Decision Yet Again (22 July 2009)

On the last day in Parliament before the summer recess, Jack Straw, Justice Minister, said he 'wished to give further consideration to the issue of compensation', until after the recess. This is the fourth time a promised decision has failed to materialise and has led to disapppointment and dismay. It is hoped that the recess will provide the opportunity to agree the demands of asbestos victims for a return to compensation.

On a more positive note, Jack Straw indicated that the government is actively considering measures to establish the UK as a leader of asbestos-related disease research and gave a committment to examine the failure to trace insurance records. Asbestos victims support groups have welcomed these announcments.

Asbestos Campaigners ride into Town (26 June 2009)

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Mike Storey was sending off an asbestos awareness team of cyclists riding from Glasgow to Southampton on their Liverpool to Manchester leg of the journey on Friday 26 June 2009 from the Pier Head, Liverpool at 8:30 am.

The 1200 mile journey started last Monday and is due to arrive in Southampton on 4 July with the aim to visit victims of asbestos's 'cruel lottery' and towns across the UK that has been touched by the deadly material.

The trio will be cycling though regions of the country whose communities have been most blighted by the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma.

John Flanagan, Training and Information Officer for the Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group said "We are delighted to welcome the campaigners and will be giving them a send off they deserve accompanied by the Lord Mayor and our victims" he added "given the history of ship building and heavy industry on Merseyside we are seeing the predicted increase particularly in mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lung and the least researched one of the top 20 cancers in the UK."

"We have asked the government for funding and received positive feed back, however no allocation has yet been made, we hope this iniitiative will tip the balance when the government Ministers consider the issue".

Katrina London one of the riders said

"The main aim is to show the terrible impact asbestos has upon the victims of mesothelioma, to raise funds for research into asbestos-related cancers and show our support for the campaign to set up a national centre for asbestos-related diseases."

Sponsored walk from Pier Head Liverpool to Southport (20 June 2009)

A sponsored 21 mile walk from Liverpool Pier Head to Lord Street, Southport to raise funds for the group. The walk started at 8:00am and everybody finished at 4:00pm and raised over £1000. Many thanks to all those took part.

The walkers taking part were Paul Roberts, Gary Price, Paul Sweeney, David Innelli (Son of Victim) and Kevin Littlemore. Francis Innelli (Victim) and grandson Joseph Innelli joined the victory celebrations in Lord Street above.

Demonstration by Unions and Victims of Pleural Plaques outside Houses of Parliament (28 October 2008)

Demonstration by the Trade Unions GMB, UNITE and UCATT with asbestos victims support groups. A meeting was held with over 30 MP's after the demonstration in the Grand Commitee room, House of Commons at 3:00pm. Speakers included Paul Kenny, General Secretary GMB, Alan Ritchie, UCATT General Secretary and Graham Goddard, UNITE Deputy General Secretary.

A Vistior from Japan comes to our Group, 29th September to 1st October 2008

Yasuko Nagamatsu, RN, PHN, MPHLecturer, St. Luke’s College of Nursing in Tokyo, Japan also known as Sarah was in Liverpool to meet health professionals, local solicitors and a victim of Mesothelioma before travelling to Manchester, then to Leeds for a Mesothelioma Conference. She also met with specialist nurses Damon Hoyle Macmillan Lung CNS, Whiston Hospital, Maria Guerin - Respiratory Specialist Nurse - Aintree Hospitals Trust, Yasuko Nagamamatsu(Sarah) RN,PHN, MPH, Vanessa Beattie, - Respiratory Specialist Nurse – Aintree Hospitals Trust.

First picture: Yasuko Nagamatsu (Sarah), Second picture: Damon Hoyle, Maria Guerin, Sarah & Vanessa Beattie.